Little Emerald’s thoughts on the “Bronies” Documentary

Okay, so I’ve just watched the documentary, and even though it was around 6 months ago, before all the drama surfaced, it made me realize something.

I was a part of this.

Not just the documentary… I mean, I was a part of the whole fandom. What I mean by this is BUCK, of course. If it wasn’t for hosting BUCK, bringing everyone such a great time - in particular, Daniel… these people would have been changed so much as they were that weekend.

More importantly, it’s strengthened my aim to go to this year’s Bronycon, and Galacon. To meet guys in the fandom who are not just from the UK. The people I met at BUCK who had travelled from other countries started me feeling this way, and I would love to meet them again.

Before I watched the documentary I was (like many others) feeling pretty down, and part of that was because of the drama I’ve seen going around. And this glimpse back to the past has made me feel better about the fandom in general.

So, let’s cast aside all this hate and drama - sure, it may happen, we can’t ignore that. But we have to also remember the good side of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fandom, and this documentary does exactly that.

To those behind the making of this, I give you all a huge pat on the back for the “pick me up” it has given those who have watched it. And if you haven’t watched, or aren’t even in the fandom, I would suggest you should give it a look out of curiousity, just like I did. You never know what you might get out of it.